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Strong Anti-Viral Hand Spray



Strong Antiviral Spray – alcohol based in atomiser.


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Strong Antiviral Spray – alcohol based in atomiser.
With Coronavirus infecting significant numbers of people panic buying has set in.
Many people are buying hand sanitiser, antibacterial gels and wipes etc.
All good? Not really, these products are antibacterial and DO NOT STOP VIRUS TRANSMISSION! Unless specified, they are NOT antiviral.
So, I have been asked to make an antiviral blend in an alcohol carrier that is easy to use.
I have blended 7 essential oils (Tea Tree, Cajeput, Ravensara, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Thyme) that all have very strong antiviral properties (also antibacterial). One of them is ten times stronger than Carbolic! This blend will also fight the ‘flu virus.
I have mixed these oils in alcohol (alcohol denat, isopropyl myristate and monopropylene glycol, this is skin friendly).
This blend will be available in 30ml atomisers (pocket size). You will only need a couple of quick sprays onto your hands as required.
If you find the mix is drying your skin just use a hand cream (like my Sandalwood hand cream).
Also available as a 250ml spray with 2 FREE empty 30ml bottles for decanting into.

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