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Roll Ons

Pocket-sized aromatherapy roll-ons.


Anti- Stress, Calming & Anxiety (or any roll-on for emotions including Menopause and Motivating) – you apply these to your pulse points (temples, behind the ears, forehead, inside the wrists, inside the elbows – even, the soles of your feet etc. You do not have to cover all these points, but try to apply to at least 3 of them). Use up to four times a day and please be generous – too little and they will not work.
Insomnia 1 & Insomnia 2. If the problem is occasional, then you can choose either (No1 has a rich earthy scent and No2 has a citrus/lemon scent).
If this is an ongoing problem, you would choose both – in week one, you use number 1. In week two you use number 2 and in week three you go back to number 1.
This stops the body building up a tolerance to the essential oils and maintains effectiveness.
Please use 30 minutes before sleep and if required, you can use again. Do not use after 5am as you may have trouble getting out of bed!!
Don’t worry, not ‘hangover’ or thick head – just relaxed.
You apply these to your pulse points (temples, behind the ears, forehead, wrists etc).
Please be generous – too little and they will not work. You don’t have to go ‘mad’ but a good coating on each pulse point.

Other roll-on’s are for a specific part of the body – all should be used up to 4 times a day.

E.G. Athletes Foot is applied to the infected part of the foot (skin and/or nails).

Cold Sore is applied to the lips and around the mouth as soon as a cold sore is expected or noticed.

Nail oil is applied to the nail bed.

Varicose vein oil is applied above the problem veins. NEVER, apply directly to the swollen veins.

Water Retention is applied to the problem area and massaged into the skin. THEN, using the side of the hand, stroke upwards towards the knee or elbow.

PMT – to be used on the pulse points (above) 10 days before your period is due. Use 2, 3 or 4 times a day (everyone is different, and you need to find the best regimen for yourself). Once your period starts, stop using the roll-on.

Gout – apply to the problem area. If the gout is in the wrists or feet/ankles, soaking in hot water before application will help significantly.

If you have any questions about the Roll-on’s or any other blend, please contact me via e-mail – the e-mail contact form is on the Home Page. Or use

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